Engagement Photo Sessions

Engagement Photo Sessions:

Why I like them!

In the past I had always charged my customers for the engagement photo sessions, it was just like a family portrait session. Couples would pay for the sitting and then just order whatever images they liked. We have been doing this for over 16 years. However we really started to notice the difference in the couples attitude and demeanour on the wedding day if they had had their photos taken by us previously, we call it the engagement session some call it an esession.


Fear of Photos

Having your photo taken is really quite threatening and uncomfortable for a lot of people. I understand that completely I don’t particularly like having my photo taken either!

Engagement photo sessions are like a trial run, I get to know you, you get to know me. I get to know what you like, you get to know what I mean when it comes to instructions and positioning your body, this is truly priceless, you will learn this soon enough.

The whole process and experience of having profession images or an engagement photo sessions peaks volumes on your wedding day. But most importantly for me, you become more comfortable in front of the camera,  that means better photos right? Absolutely, everyone wants beautiful relaxed images, and you can’t get that if you fear the camera. It’s a photographer’s job to make you feel comfortable.


It’s a photographers job to make you feel comfortable

 Photography is such a big part of the wedding day, we are the one professional person that spends the whole day with the bride and groom. So yes we need to be comfortable with each other. I’ve been photographing for 21 years, I know some of the most incredible photographers, but if those incredible photographers don’t have wonderful people skills, do you think the couple will enjoy their wedding photography?

Its just not all about the photo, it’s about creating a fun, beautiful experience with each other and your bridal party.

You want fantastic photos, but you also want to look back on your wedding day and say “that was just so much fun, that was the best day ever!!”


Mission accomplished

There is nothing better than completing one of these engagement photo sessions and couples say to me “That wasn’t as scary a I thought it would be “or “I really enjoyed that, that was fun”. Then for me I know the wedding photography is going to be smooth sailing. The ice has been broken, on the wedding day we can get straight into taking fantastic photos!!



Cathy Tiddy

AIPP Registered.

Diamond Photography's Guarantee to all customers

Diamond Photography’s Guarantee to all customers

Welcome to Our Studio.

For those in love, getting married, or for families wanting to capture images of their little darlings, you have come to the right place.

We are a little boutique studio located in Caringbah. And photos are our LOVE. We have photographed hundreds and hundreds of weddings, capture amazing image of couples and families for over 23 years.  OUR  philosophy is quite simple we capture LOVE JOY and LAUGHTER, in the most natural way possible. Enjoy browsing through our website, and if you like what we create and would like to get in touch and visit our studio please give us a call 9526 8288







My goal is to capture the bride and grooms personality. To ensure their wedding photos are a true representation of who they are! After meeting a couple and talking to them about their wedding it becomes apparent to me quite quickly how they should be photographed. Personality is everything!

No two couples are the same. Each couple is the sum of it’s parts, and when they are together this magical personality is born. Some are reserved, some are very outgoing, and the dynamic that is created during a wedding is always different.

No two weddings are the same to me! I honestly think that’s why I have been photographing for so long. Every bride and groom are individuals and their photos need express that individuality that makes them unique..

Many of today’s studio’s offer only a certain style or look. For example they may only photography is a style of “candid photograph “ or say they are “ lifestyle /environmental photography studio”. I in fact don’t say that…. at all.  You are unique and your wedding images need to reflect that magic.

Communication is really important to me. Being able to educate couples about the expected light on the day, the timing for their photography schedule, ideal locations or time of year their getting married, and so on is very important to me. Just to  ensure the couple gets the absolute most out of their wedding photography. After years of photographing weddings I have amassed a huge range of tips to help you enjoy your day most. That includes making sure you like having your photo taken! Yes I have heard it all and we always manage to have a great time together. That in essence is my job.


Whether they are of families, newborns or kids the same principle applies. I adjust the style or lighting or location to suit the personality. It’s a simple natural approach and philosophy that works for me and my clients. I try to work in a really relaxed manner and capture people and especially children spontaneously interacting during the session, there’s nothing worse than a forced smile!


Well what can I say; they just bring a smile to my face every time. Who wouldn’t love capturing their craziness. Pets are truly the best photo props, they just bring so much entertainment to my photo sessions. My Pet project “Shire Tails” started over a year ago. Whilst photographing these sessions has been an real eye opener, we most importantly have also been raising funds for Assistance Dogs Australia.


A truly amazing non profit organisation that trains dogs to help humans with Disabilities. I feel truly honoured that through my craft of photography I’ve been able to raise much needed funds for such a wonderful cause. For more on “Shire Tails” go to our PET Tab on the website

Our Guarantee

We are so dedicated to our work and customers, and we are so confident that we will give you wonderful wedding experience, we offer a 100% money back guarantee to all bookings made from 1/9/2016 and onwards.

Diamond Photography Guarantee

10 of the most frequently asked questions about wedding photography


 Here they are! 10 of the most frequently asked questions about wedding photographydiamond photography

diamond photography1. How much do you charge for wedding photography?
My photography packages start at $2590 and video at $2090. I have a number of different packages available. If you would like a copy of our beautiful flip book detailing all we offer, simply fill in the brochure request from to the right and we will have it to you ASAP

diamond photography2. How many pictures will I get?
Tricky to answer, because in truth; there is not definite number. The amount of photos taken at a wedding can vary enormously depending on many factors. Anything for 400 to 800 which is vague right?
Well factors that can affect your wedding photo number include, how long we have for your formal photos, how many locations we have time for, number of guest at the wedding, number of members in the bridal party. Are you have a civil ceremony or a church wedding? There are some factors you cannot control, such as delays in traffic (yes it happens), rain, church delays etc. However there are things that you can do to help ensure you get as many photos as possible. Most importantly have a plan. Make sure you are ready when the photographer arrives at your home. I plan for an hour photo shoot at the bride’s home, if I arrive and your makeup artist has just started on your make up, then this will have an enormous impact o the amount of photos you will get. I work very closely with all my couples and set out a timeline for their wedding day to ensure I can get as much out of the day as possible
diamond photography3. How long will you be at my wedding?
I don’t work with set hours; you will not find a package on my price list that is hour based. My coverage start at the bride’s preparation and I follow it through to the end of the formalities, sometime weddings may be seven hours, sometimes they may be twelve, it is what it is.

diamond photography4. Do I get the files from the wedding?
Absolutely, I provide both a “social media files” ie they have my watermark and are low resolution for ease of posting to social media. I also provide a high resolution file for printing, no watermark on these files.

diamond photography5. Do you offer video? Absolutely, we have a very different approach to videography than other studios.
We want everyone to be able to afford a wedding day video. We start with just the raw footage coverage, that way you are not paying for fancy edits. Normally videography can be around $4000 to $5000 dollars, which is just not attainable for a lot of couples. We’ve taken out the fancy edit, provide the raw footage for around half that amount. We always give our couples the option to add a fancy edit, but the beauty of our packages is that you can decide that after the wedding. Choice is a wonderful thing


diamond photography5. What’s your style?
I get asked this all the time, and I always say “my style is whatever YOU want it to be”
So let me explain. I love photography, I really love candid, happy, spontaneous moments, but I also love really romantic photos, so two extremes. But to any creative photographer their style preference should not be important; accommodating the customer’s style preference is my aim. I have lots of different albums on display in the studio, all are documented quite differently, and couples will almost always gravitate towards one or another. Be sure to communicate what YOU want in terms of style to your photographer.
diamond photography6. What happens if it rains?
We go to Plan B. All my couples are briefed at the pre wedding interview about plan B aka wet weather. We make sure everyone knows about the plan, ie venue and car drivers as well.It is never something we wing on the day!
If we are running late will you stay if we need you to?
If you feel you need me to stay longer, I can work overtime with your approval. Extra hours are billing after the wedding


diamond photography7.Can I do an engagement session?
I love engagement sessions (or if you prefer a pre wedding photo session), it’s the perfect way to get to know you better, and you get to know me too! I get to teach you all sorts of important aspects of being photographed, and most importantly you will feel a load more relaxed about your photography on the wedding day

diamond photography8. How far ahead do I need to book?Anything from 6 months to as much as 2 years ahead!

diamond photography9. Can you hold a date for me?
 I’m sad to say unfortunately no. I can get up to 4-5 enquiries for some dates, bookings are made on a first come/first serve basis.

Diamond-Photography_ (12)-2

diamond photography10. How much deposit do you need? Our deposit for photography is $750. Video is also $750. If you book a package that includes both photography and videography the deposit is $1500




Chanei and Tim’s Le Montage Wedding

Chanei and Tim’s Le Montage Wedding 

This was just a  magical wedding, with absolutely no detail left to chance. Chanei could honestly be a wedding planner! The tones and colours of the wedding were beautiful, and the attention to detail at the reception was simply amazing.

sutherland-shire-wedding-photographer_0103The photo locations and lighting were absolutely superb and nothing was too difficult for their bridal party. Hyde park and Observatory Hill never disappoint and provided such incredible backdrops to their photos. And a wharf at Le Montage just added the final touch to their wedding images.


So many incredible wedding vendors helped make the day run smoothly and almost all shire based.:)

Gown http://dressense.com.au/

Hair http://www.tanyaireland.com.au/#!/HOME

Make up http://www.themakeupsocietyaustralia.com/

reception at http://www.lemontage.com.au/

Styling https://www.facebook.com/pg/piccolopoppi/about/?ref=page_internal

Transport http://www.rollupinarolls.com.au/


Belinda and George’s Ottimo House Wedding

Belinda and Georges Ottimo House Wedding. 

What an incredible perfect day these two were blessed with.

They both looked amazing, their bridal party were a bunch of fun. The weather was perfect and the location to die for. Horses, barns, lakes, rustic scenery, Ottimo House is a photographers dream, and a couples perfect reality, what more can I say.

Lots and lots of dancing, lots of laughs and great company, and some beautiful photos if I do say so myself :)

Venue: http://www.ottimohouse.com.au

Photography and video http://www.diamondphotography.com.au

Make up https://www.facebook.com/dazzlebykilyne/

ottimo house weddingsdiamond-photography_ottimo-house_weddings0







diamond-photography_ottimo-house_weddings5 diamond-photography_ottimo-house_weddings2diamond-photography_ottimo-house_weddings6-1



Bridal Preparation Guide

Here is my ‘Bridal Preparation Guide’ for your wedding day to help you be prepared and have a stress free, enjoyable morning.

There are always lots going on the morning of your wedding day.  Once your makeup & hair team arrives, it’s fair to say that the rest of the day goes by so quickly.

So here is my Bridal Preparation Guide suggestions for the big day

diamond photographyGETTING READY LOCATION

Just consider the light. Some brides love the idea of getting ready at a hotel, others want the sentimental surrounds of mum and dads home, or where they grew up. Either way, just ensure you get ready in a room that has lots of available light, not only will that help your makeup artist but it will work great for photography as well.

Try, I know it will be hard, but try and limit the clutter to one space, so that when it comes time to photography there is a nice neat area.

You want your chosen getting ready place i  a nutshell to be to be bright, pretty, uncluttered and large enough for everyone to fit.

Don’t forget, if you’re having your wedding in the warmer months, I definitely recommend a getting place with air conditioning so you are not overheating whist getting ready for your big day.

Diamond-Photography-VideoHAIR & MAKEUP

I HIGHLY recommend hiring professional hair and makeup artists that come to your location the morning of the wedding. This way you are able to relax and enjoy the process. There is nothing worse than all of you having to rush back and forth to a salon and worry about traffic, timing etc.

Don’t forget to have a trial either, I love doing engagement session for my clients and l always get my brides to have their make-up done, then they can get a feel for how long it takes, and also make sure they are truly happy and confident with their makeup artist. You really don’t want a hiccup with make up on your wedding day.


I notice a lot of the time that brides underestimate the time it takes for everyone to get dressed and ready! I can’t work a schedule out for you makeup artist or hairdresser because its not my profession, but I can advise you on allocating enough timing for your photos. Here are a few of my tips to make things run a little smoother on your day;

I allow at least one hour for photographing the bride and her bridesmaids. So let’s say your ceremony is at 3pm.you need to consider your travel time to the church/ceremony location, and then work backwards. In my opinion the biggest pitfall brides make is they tell their makeup artist and hairdresser “my photographer will be here at 1.30” so that’s when they finish up. Do you know how long it takes to get into a wedding dress?. You need to allow 30 mins (time can vary depending on whether you have a zip up dress or lace up dress), for your dress, jewellery veil, shoes etc.


So be sure you don’t miss out on all those gorgeous “before your married photos”. The other hiccup we see quite often is the bride having her hair and make-up done last! This really can be a problem, if we arrive to a home and all the bridesmaids are ready but the bride is still in the makeup chair, it really does affect the schedule. We can only take so many photos of the bridesmaids. But if one of the bridesmaid still needs makeup and hair done, it’s not such a big deal, we have a tonne of photos we want to take of the bride, the bride and her parents, sibling etc. So the bride should never ever go last when it comes to hair and make-up.


I hope my hints and tips help in getting you to the ceremony on time!!

Diamond-Photography-VideoCathy xx


Are you still looking for photographer to suit your wedding day?

If you would like to check my availability, give me a call on 9526 8288


Your Wedding Photography Timeline

Your wedding photography timeline

Here are my top tips to help you tackle your wedding photography day timeline!

      • Diamond-Photography-VideoFirst and foremost, Plan for the LIGHT. I work with all my couples to make sure that we aren’t doing the location/bridal party photos at the height of the day {when the sun is the harshest} and that we have plenty of time for gorgeous sunset photographs. Check sunset time for your wedding day! You need to ensure you have lots of available light to produce beautiful images. Once the sun goes down you have about 5-10 minutes left of available light. Mind you the ten minutes surrounding sunset time is what we photographers call the golden hour, its divine light.

        planning for light to capture the golden hour

        planning for light to capture the golden hour

    • Diamond-Photography-VideoAllow extra for travel time, this is probably the most overlooked factor in working out a schedule. Often Ill ask the bride “so what’s the travel distance between your home and the church? “and she might say “oh it’s so close like 10 minutes away” SO if the ceremony is at 3pm, she wants to leave at 2.50 right?? Nope, I’d say 2.40 so allow 20 minutes, why? Because wedding cars never speed, in fact they often drive slower than the speed limit!! Getting into and out of a car in wedding attire takes longer as well, not to mention you have 3 bridesmaid and two flower girls (for example), that all takes time!  And don’t forget we want to take those beautiful photos of you arriving at the ceremony and getting out of the car as well, so you can see that extra 10 minutes will disappear very quickly.                                                                                                                                                                                                             wedding-photography-sydney-sutherland-shire-photographer
    • Diamond-Photography-VideoThe Photo shoot, ideally allow one hour plus travel time. If you want more than one location I would strongly suggest you have a good hour and a half to two hours up your sleeve, or you will feel really rushed.
    • Diamond-Photography-VideoInclude ‘Buffer’ time.  Add 15-20 minutes extra, wherever you can, to allow for the unexpected: traffic delays, using the restroom, waiting on family members to arrive, freshening your make-up, and maybe have a glass of champagne.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      candid-bridal-party-photos
    • Diamond-Photography-Video My final tip! I usually try and have the bridal party arrive at the reception the same time the guests arrive. Most venues have a bridal suite or room that the whole bridal party can relax in, have a drink and something to eat. Chill out and recap on your day, enjoy the time with your new husband/wife and friends. Once that reception starts its all go go go again. Your wedding day is going to go super-fast (yes it’s true), the last thing you want is to feel super rushed all day!



      •                                                                                                  Diamond-Photography-Video




    • If you have any questions about timing or need some assistance with yours feel free to give me a call and I’m happy to assist. 9526 8288
    • © Article written by Cathy Tiddy. Australian AIPP multi award winning wedding photography.


A Queen Victoria Building Wedding

A Queen Victoria Building Wedding

romantic, antique wedding location, queen victoria building wedding

Is this not the most magical, romantic location? QVB you are a photographers dream location

What a gorgeous venue this is. So much old world charm and romantic features. Stephanie and Andrew were married at Our Lady SacredHeart Catholic Church in Randwick in July. They had an amazing sunny clear skies winters day. Their photo session started at the Iconic Sydney Botanical Gardens.


Glorious winter afternoon in Sydney Botanical Gardens, perfect location for wedding photography

Such a gorgeous place with with not only beautifully kept gardens with amazing colour but also an incredible and picturesque back drop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney’s Iconic Opera House.


beautiful bridal party, great location, absoluetly gorgeous grounds to photograph in

What a gorgeous venue this is. So much old world charm and romantic features. Stephanie and Andrew were married at Our Lady Sacared Heart Catholic Church in Randwick in July. They had an amazing sunny clear skies winters day. Their photo session started at the Iconic Sydney Botanical Gardens. Such a gorgeous place with with not only beautifully kept gardens with amazing colour but also an incredible and picturesque back drop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney's Iconic Opera House. This then followed with a photography session at the Queen Victoria Building in George street, Sydney. Whats not to love about this place? This amazing building has incredible architecture, stairwells, stained glass windows, you name it. A Queen Victoria Building Wedding reception followed in the Tea Rooms High ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, and gorgeous floral arrangements set the stage for a romantic reception. Enjoy our highlights of this gorgeous couples, perfect winter wedding.

such a cute little bunch, who were so excited to be photographed

This then followed with a photography session at the Queen Victoria Building in George street, Sydney. Whats not to love about this place? This amazing building has incredible architecture, stairwells, stained glass windows, you name it.

verda flore flower merchant

gorgeous bouquet by Verdaflore flower merchant at Oatley

A Queen Victoria Building Wedding reception followed in the Tea Rooms

High ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, and gorgeous floral arrangements set the stage for a romantic reception.

Photo Session location  https://www.qvb.com.au/ and https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/

Reception Venue http://thetearoom.com.au/

Transport http://www.broadwayweddingcarhire.com.au/

Florist http://www.verdaflore.com/

Photography by http://www.diamondphotography.com.au/

Diamond Photography Guarantee

Diamond Photography Guarantee