10 of the most frequently asked questions about wedding photography


 Here they are! 10 of the most frequently asked questions about wedding photographydiamond photography

diamond photography1. How much do you charge for wedding photography?
My photography packages start at $2590 and video at $2090. I have a number of different packages available. If you would like a copy of our beautiful flip book detailing all we offer, simply fill in the brochure request from to the right and we will have it to you ASAP

diamond photography2. How many pictures will I get?
Tricky to answer, because in truth; there is not definite number. The amount of photos taken at a wedding can vary enormously depending on many factors. Anything for 400 to 800 which is vague right?
Well factors that can affect your wedding photo number include, how long we have for your formal photos, how many locations we have time for, number of guest at the wedding, number of members in the bridal party. Are you have a civil ceremony or a church wedding? There are some factors you cannot control, such as delays in traffic (yes it happens), rain, church delays etc. However there are things that you can do to help ensure you get as many photos as possible. Most importantly have a plan. Make sure you are ready when the photographer arrives at your home. I plan for an hour photo shoot at the bride’s home, if I arrive and your makeup artist has just started on your make up, then this will have an enormous impact o the amount of photos you will get. I work very closely with all my couples and set out a timeline for their wedding day to ensure I can get as much out of the day as possible
diamond photography3. How long will you be at my wedding?
I don’t work with set hours; you will not find a package on my price list that is hour based. My coverage start at the bride’s preparation and I follow it through to the end of the formalities, sometime weddings may be seven hours, sometimes they may be twelve, it is what it is.

diamond photography4. Do I get the files from the wedding?
Absolutely, I provide both a “social media files” ie they have my watermark and are low resolution for ease of posting to social media. I also provide a high resolution file for printing, no watermark on these files.

diamond photography5. Do you offer video? Absolutely, we have a very different approach to videography than other studios.
We want everyone to be able to afford a wedding day video. We start with just the raw footage coverage, that way you are not paying for fancy edits. Normally videography can be around $4000 to $5000 dollars, which is just not attainable for a lot of couples. We’ve taken out the fancy edit, provide the raw footage for around half that amount. We always give our couples the option to add a fancy edit, but the beauty of our packages is that you can decide that after the wedding. Choice is a wonderful thing


diamond photography5. What’s your style?
I get asked this all the time, and I always say “my style is whatever YOU want it to be”
So let me explain. I love photography, I really love candid, happy, spontaneous moments, but I also love really romantic photos, so two extremes. But to any creative photographer their style preference should not be important; accommodating the customer’s style preference is my aim. I have lots of different albums on display in the studio, all are documented quite differently, and couples will almost always gravitate towards one or another. Be sure to communicate what YOU want in terms of style to your photographer.
diamond photography6. What happens if it rains?
We go to Plan B. All my couples are briefed at the pre wedding interview about plan B aka wet weather. We make sure everyone knows about the plan, ie venue and car drivers as well.It is never something we wing on the day!
If we are running late will you stay if we need you to?
If you feel you need me to stay longer, I can work overtime with your approval. Extra hours are billing after the wedding


diamond photography7.Can I do an engagement session?
I love engagement sessions (or if you prefer a pre wedding photo session), it’s the perfect way to get to know you better, and you get to know me too! I get to teach you all sorts of important aspects of being photographed, and most importantly you will feel a load more relaxed about your photography on the wedding day

diamond photography8. How far ahead do I need to book?Anything from 6 months to as much as 2 years ahead!

diamond photography9. Can you hold a date for me?
 I’m sad to say unfortunately no. I can get up to 4-5 enquiries for some dates, bookings are made on a first come/first serve basis.

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diamond photography10. How much deposit do you need? Our deposit for photography is $750. Video is also $750. If you book a package that includes both photography and videography the deposit is $1500