Bridal Preparation Guide

Here is my ‘Bridal Preparation Guide’ for your wedding day to help you be prepared and have a stress free, enjoyable morning.

There are always lots going on the morning of your wedding day.  Once your makeup & hair team arrives, it’s fair to say that the rest of the day goes by so quickly.

So here is my Bridal Preparation Guide suggestions for the big day

diamond photographyGETTING READY LOCATION

Just consider the light. Some brides love the idea of getting ready at a hotel, others want the sentimental surrounds of mum and dads home, or where they grew up. Either way, just ensure you get ready in a room that has lots of available light, not only will that help your makeup artist but it will work great for photography as well.

Try, I know it will be hard, but try and limit the clutter to one space, so that when it comes time to photography there is a nice neat area.

You want your chosen getting ready place i  a nutshell to be to be bright, pretty, uncluttered and large enough for everyone to fit.

Don’t forget, if you’re having your wedding in the warmer months, I definitely recommend a getting place with air conditioning so you are not overheating whist getting ready for your big day.

Diamond-Photography-VideoHAIR & MAKEUP

I HIGHLY recommend hiring professional hair and makeup artists that come to your location the morning of the wedding. This way you are able to relax and enjoy the process. There is nothing worse than all of you having to rush back and forth to a salon and worry about traffic, timing etc.

Don’t forget to have a trial either, I love doing engagement session for my clients and l always get my brides to have their make-up done, then they can get a feel for how long it takes, and also make sure they are truly happy and confident with their makeup artist. You really don’t want a hiccup with make up on your wedding day.


I notice a lot of the time that brides underestimate the time it takes for everyone to get dressed and ready! I can’t work a schedule out for you makeup artist or hairdresser because its not my profession, but I can advise you on allocating enough timing for your photos. Here are a few of my tips to make things run a little smoother on your day;

I allow at least one hour for photographing the bride and her bridesmaids. So let’s say your ceremony is at need to consider your travel time to the church/ceremony location, and then work backwards. In my opinion the biggest pitfall brides make is they tell their makeup artist and hairdresser “my photographer will be here at 1.30” so that’s when they finish up. Do you know how long it takes to get into a wedding dress?. You need to allow 30 mins (time can vary depending on whether you have a zip up dress or lace up dress), for your dress, jewellery veil, shoes etc.


So be sure you don’t miss out on all those gorgeous “before your married photos”. The other hiccup we see quite often is the bride having her hair and make-up done last! This really can be a problem, if we arrive to a home and all the bridesmaids are ready but the bride is still in the makeup chair, it really does affect the schedule. We can only take so many photos of the bridesmaids. But if one of the bridesmaid still needs makeup and hair done, it’s not such a big deal, we have a tonne of photos we want to take of the bride, the bride and her parents, sibling etc. So the bride should never ever go last when it comes to hair and make-up.


I hope my hints and tips help in getting you to the ceremony on time!!

Diamond-Photography-VideoCathy xx


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