Engagement Photo Sessions

Engagement Photo Sessions:

Why I like them!

In the past I had always charged my customers for the engagement photo sessions, it was just like a family portrait session. Couples would pay for the sitting and then just order whatever images they liked. We have been doing this for over 16 years. However we really started to notice the difference in the couples attitude and demeanour on the wedding day if they had had their photos taken by us previously, we call it the engagement session some call it an esession.


Fear of Photos

Having your photo taken is really quite threatening and uncomfortable for a lot of people. I understand that completely I don’t particularly like having my photo taken either!

Engagement photo sessions are like a trial run, I get to know you, you get to know me. I get to know what you like, you get to know what I mean when it comes to instructions and positioning your body, this is truly priceless, you will learn this soon enough.

The whole process and experience of having profession images or an engagement photo sessions peaks volumes on your wedding day. But most importantly for me, you become more comfortable in front of the camera,  that means better photos right? Absolutely, everyone wants beautiful relaxed images, and you can’t get that if you fear the camera. It’s a photographer’s job to make you feel comfortable.


It’s a photographers job to make you feel comfortable

 Photography is such a big part of the wedding day, we are the one professional person that spends the whole day with the bride and groom. So yes we need to be comfortable with each other. I’ve been photographing for 21 years, I know some of the most incredible photographers, but if those incredible photographers don’t have wonderful people skills, do you think the couple will enjoy their wedding photography?

Its just not all about the photo, it’s about creating a fun, beautiful experience with each other and your bridal party.

You want fantastic photos, but you also want to look back on your wedding day and say “that was just so much fun, that was the best day ever!!”


Mission accomplished

There is nothing better than completing one of these engagement photo sessions and couples say to me “That wasn’t as scary a I thought it would be “or “I really enjoyed that, that was fun”. Then for me I know the wedding photography is going to be smooth sailing. The ice has been broken, on the wedding day we can get straight into taking fantastic photos!!



Cathy Tiddy

AIPP Registered.

Diamond Photography's Guarantee to all customers

Diamond Photography’s Guarantee to all customers