Bianca and Ashely’s Story Board A Waterfront Function Centre Wedding

Bianca and Ashley’s Storyboard. A Waterfront Function Centre Wedding

Bianca and Ashley could have not have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was unbelievable to say the least!! Gorgeous location photo session at Carss Park and then the Mariner at the Waterfront Function Centre. I’m kind of lucky to have such beautiful photo spots close to home. And that dress was gorgeous!!!! So I couldn’t choose just a few images, so here is their  storyboard

Sutherland shire wedding photographer_0089

Diamond Photography's Guarantee to all customers

Diamond Photography’s Guarantee to all customers

My 5 top tips for perfect wedding make-up

 My 5 top tips for perfect wedding make-up.

Every time you look at your wedding photos you’re going to see it…..Did your make-up artist do a good job?

Diamond Photography

  • HEART PINK F5cdb8preferred1. Using a professional make up artist is so important. Don’t be tempted to use friends or do it yourself. Professional Make-up artists apply make-up specifically for photography, which is quite different to normal every day wear
  • HEART PINK F5cdb8preferred2. As a general rule make up needs to be applied at least 30% heavier. So if you do have trial make up session and feel it looks to heavy, don’t be concerned.
  • HEART PINK F5cdb8preferred3.Have a test run, I often suggest my brides have a trial make up for  their       engagement photo session. What a perfect way to see if the make-up is right for you.
  • HEART PINK F5cdb8preferred4. Once you engage a make-up artist be sure to communicate the times your photographer will be arriving at the hotel or home to start taking your photos., There is nothing worse than arriving at a brides home to find her in a chair having her hair and make-up still done, It’s such a waste of perfect photo time. Generally speaking photographers will arrive at a bride’s home one to one and half hours prior to the ceremony,
  • HEART PINK F5cdb8preferred5. Dont forget, putting your wedding dress on is not a 5 minute job!! My suggestion is tell the make-up artists you need to be ready at least 30 minutes before your photographer is due to arrive. That then gives you time to get dress before your photographer is due to start.

Remember when planning your wedding, timing is crucial. If you’re continually running late, then the day is just going to seem like a blur. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “your wedding goes so fast”, well it does, but you can make sure you enjoy every moment by being well prepared.
If you have any questions about your wedding schedule feel free email us at
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Diamond Photography's Guarantee to all customers

Diamond Photography’s Guarantee to all customers

Pet Photography

Pet Photography

We are on a mission, Pet photography is our little project this year. We want to raise $1500 to help fund a beautiful Labrador at Assistance Dogs Australia. Help us reach that goal. This is a huge fundraising project for us. We will be releasing a book which will feature all the families we photograph, the book will be called “SHIRE TAILS”.

For a very small participation fee (all of which goes to Assistance Dogs), we will give you a complimentary family portrait with your pooch. You are also assured of a page all to your self in our coffee table book “Shire Tails” To register for this book visit our Pet page link below


Diamond Photography's guarentee

Diamond Photography’s guarentee

A Waterfont Function Centre Wedding: Erin and Johnathon

Erin and Johnathon’s wedding.

These two had such  a beautiful wedding ceremony at Patrick’s Catholic Church in Kogarah. 

Their reception followed at The Waterfront Function Center San Souci.

Both these locations are fantastic and provided beautiful backdrops for their  photography session.

Enjoy this little slide show of their day

Waterfront Function Centre Wedding

Be sure to click the “HD” Button for better clarity on social media

waterfront Function Centre

Flowers by

Gown by

Diamond Photography's guarentee

Diamond Photography’s guarentee

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2015 in review.

What a fantastic year it has been. To all the couples who got married or engaged. To all the beautiful children and their mums and dads who had a family portrait. And lastly to all the amazing little puppies and their families, who donated generously to our “Shire Tails” coffee table book fundraiser. You made me laugh so hard I cried!! Enjoy our video, spot your photo.

Knowing that I have been able to capture a moment in your life that you will cherish for more years than you can possibly imagine is truly a wonderful gift. Thank you for choosing me to help create that memory. Merry Christmas everyone. xxx

Antonella and Anthony’s Wedding Story Board

Antonella and Anthony’s Wedding Story Board.

What a jam packed wedding day this was, so much fun! Beautiful couple, hilarious bridal party and lots of gorgeous photo locations !!!

Antonella and Anthony's Wedding Story Board

Antonella and Anthony’s Wedding Story Board

These guys were blessed with perfect October weather for their big day. Its not often we get to three locations for wedding photos, and quite honestly I didn’t think we were going to make it… well because Antonella was a tad late the church (ooops), but we did, and each location was perfect, from Hyde Park, to Observatory Hill and then the wharfs by the Sebel, which was just beautiful, and a complete contrast  to the previous two locations.

The reception was crazy (in a good way of course) from photo booths, huge LOVE signs, singing waiters …yep hilarious, to a very entertaining magician. These guys had an amazing reception!!! Cant wait to show them there wedding photos!!

Wedding albums. Why every Bride should have one.

Wedding albums. Why every bride should have one

In today’s day and age, so many couples are after files? Most photographers now supply them, but what do you do with them!! I can’t tell you how many people tell me they had their wedding photograph by so and so photography and their photographer gave them files, “But I haven’t had a chance to do anything with them, I just store them on my computer”wedding albumAfter all the effort that goes into creating the perfect wedding, the cars, the dress the flowers… all that thought, your files are on your computer!!! No no no this is heartbreaking.

I always urge brides and grooms to think past today, having an album, is a family heirloom, if produced profession it will outlast you! Have something that is tactile, have something that your children can look at. It’s your history, it means more than a file. I’ve been married 20 years now, and my kids are always pulling out photo albums, our wedding album is their most favourite!

I appreciate cost can be a factor in decided whether or not to get a package with an album or not. I’m so passionate about every bride and groom having an album that we now have a designer digital magazine album that you can add for just $600. Yes that’s it, in the scope of the cost of today’s weddings that is very affordable.

What are your memories worth? At the end of the day, photographs are what you have left! And thats why we believe, wedding albums, every bride should have one.

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AIPP award winning Photographer

Diamond Photography's Guarantee to all customers

Diamond Photography’s Guarantee to all customers

Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

newborn photography

newborn photography

Looking for babies and their families to be involved in our new documentary black and white newborn photography sessions.

Babies need to be between 0 and 12 weeks old.

The session will be complimentary and you will be supplied with a gift print for participating

Call Cathy on 9526 8288. Available for a strictly limited time only

Golden Hour

What is so special about the golden hour?

The golden hour is the one hour before sunset or the one hour after sunrise.

golden-hourThe sun at this time of day sits lower in the sky, shadows are longer and light is really appealing and even. The light is quite diffused and soft often with ambient glows of yellow and gold.

When planning my photo shoot  timing with my wedding couples, I always work around sunset times. Making sure our schedule gives us enough time to be in the right location for the perfect light. This light does tend to disappear quite quickly, Although the light is beautiful and soft, it hits its intensity at approximately 5 mins before sunset time and 5 minutes after sunset time. This is  when the colours tend to be at their most intense.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the light at the golden hour.

To help with this, here is a link to Sydney sunset times for this year.

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Diamond Photography’s Guarantee to all customers



What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

 Do you have a plan “B” for your wedding day if the weather is not ideal?

It doesnt have to be the end of the world! Heres what to do if it rains on your wedding day.



If you aren’t blessed with perfect weather on your wedding day, don’t let it be a downer!

You should still be able to get fantastic images.  But planning is of the essence.

Firstly discuss all your photo options with your photographer, you need  a contingency plan, what’s the back up? Its always best to have Plan B sorted before the wedding day, that way you are not wasting valuable photo time discussing what you should do on the day. I like to meet with couples about  a month before the wedding and go through the timing and photo locations with all my brides and grooms. Plan B is always discussed at this time, that way the couple can notify all those involved, such as cars and reception venue of alternative arrangements should they be required.

If it does rain on your wedding day we look at all options available to us, is there a local hotel you can go to (often they require permission).  Can you seek shelter under a bridge but still get water views and stay dry?  Are there any picturesque buildings that you could use that would provide ample cover yet have sufficient light for photography? How about your reception venue?  Would they allow you to arrive early and use the premises (don’t assume you can, they may well have a wedding before yours).

Don’t forget pubs/bars, and cafés are a pretty good back up too.

Ask the car hire company if they supply umbrellas, (most do), they make for fantastic props. Or if you’re particular about the colour of umbrellas, purchase some for the big day.

Ask the photographer if they have an indoor studio you can use? We do, and have used it a number of times.

Remember time is of the essence on a wedding day. Don’t waste it by not being well prepared for your photo session. Your photographer should be able to guide you on the day, so make sure he/she discusses what to do if it rains on your wedding day……BEFORE the big day.

If you have any question about weather plans, feel free to email us at

Happy Planning!


Diamond Photography’s Guarantee to all customers