Are you  looking for a wedding photographer:-who is calm, unobtrusive and blends into your wedding day. Someone whose work is natural and spontaneous but , will also documents your wedding as a romantic love story . Someone who is friendly and who enjoys a laugh (or many)  with you and your bridal party. Someone to capture the JOY that all wedding’s bring.

Are you after a photographer who will clearly understands the style you want to achieve for your wedding day images!! Someone who captures the events beautifully, with all the natural emotion of the day
Someone who is highly experienced and can manager any speed bump along the way, whether it be windy conditions, tricky light, storms or even tough personalities?

Well, then I’m glad you found me! :)

I have three aims when I photograph a wedding

I want to document:

HEART PINK F5cdb8preferredThe story of LOVE, because wedding photos are about the romance

HEART PINK F5cdb8preferredThe story of JOY, because this is the happiest day of your life

HEART PINK F5cdb8preferredAnd the story of  LAUGHTER, because “laughter is the closets distance between two people”. And this day is just going to be the happiest celebration yet!!.

Weddings are my absolute favourite part of photography!! I’m now into my 21st year of photographing weddings and I LOVE it just as much today as I did the day I first started.

So where to now?

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