Your Wedding Photography Timeline

Your wedding photography timeline

Here are my top tips to help you tackle your wedding photography day timeline!

      • Diamond-Photography-VideoFirst and foremost, Plan for the LIGHT. I work with all my couples to make sure that we aren’t doing the location/bridal party photos at the height of the day {when the sun is the harshest} and that we have plenty of time for gorgeous sunset photographs. Check sunset time for your wedding day! You need to ensure you have lots of available light to produce beautiful images. Once the sun goes down you have about 5-10 minutes left of available light. Mind you the ten minutes surrounding sunset time is what we photographers call the golden hour, its divine light.

        planning for light to capture the golden hour

        planning for light to capture the golden hour

    • Diamond-Photography-VideoAllow extra for travel time, this is probably the most overlooked factor in working out a schedule. Often Ill ask the bride “so what’s the travel distance between your home and the church? “and she might say “oh it’s so close like 10 minutes away” SO if the ceremony is at 3pm, she wants to leave at 2.50 right?? Nope, I’d say 2.40 so allow 20 minutes, why? Because wedding cars never speed, in fact they often drive slower than the speed limit!! Getting into and out of a car in wedding attire takes longer as well, not to mention you have 3 bridesmaid and two flower girls (for example), that all takes time!  And don’t forget we want to take those beautiful photos of you arriving at the ceremony and getting out of the car as well, so you can see that extra 10 minutes will disappear very quickly.                                                                                                                                                                                                             wedding-photography-sydney-sutherland-shire-photographer
    • Diamond-Photography-VideoThe Photo shoot, ideally allow one hour plus travel time. If you want more than one location I would strongly suggest you have a good hour and a half to two hours up your sleeve, or you will feel really rushed.
    • Diamond-Photography-VideoInclude ‘Buffer’ time.  Add 15-20 minutes extra, wherever you can, to allow for the unexpected: traffic delays, using the restroom, waiting on family members to arrive, freshening your make-up, and maybe have a glass of champagne.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      candid-bridal-party-photos
    • Diamond-Photography-Video My final tip! I usually try and have the bridal party arrive at the reception the same time the guests arrive. Most venues have a bridal suite or room that the whole bridal party can relax in, have a drink and something to eat. Chill out and recap on your day, enjoy the time with your new husband/wife and friends. Once that reception starts its all go go go again. Your wedding day is going to go super-fast (yes it’s true), the last thing you want is to feel super rushed all day!



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    • If you have any questions about timing or need some assistance with yours feel free to give me a call and I’m happy to assist. 9526 8288
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